Plant pictures

This is going to be a post filled with plant pictures, it’s been a while since I posted up a selection of plant pictures and they keep building up as I regularly go out and take more pictures. I just spent a whole day out at kings park taking photos even though I have dozens that I need to put up already.

Seed pods


Sheoak flowering




Strange flower


From a different angle





And now I had to slip some shells in as I’d been collecting and sorting shell grit recently. If you are wondering about why I collect shells or what it’s about here is a post purely about shell grit collecting and photographing it and here’s the first time I ever started collecting them.



A face only a mother could love it





If you are wondering why my picture captions are so simple and basically useless, this stems from some early blog posts where I went to great lengths to identify plants and list their names with photos. Anyway people left comments telling me that I’d misidentified some plants so I decided after that not to bother. That picture above is a flower, you can’t dispute it. And this next one is a leaf.



Hakea (going out on a limb)


Jumbled mess




More trapped






Yellow on black


Soft mauve


Don’t get too close


Water water everywhere


More water


More water


Red trumpet


White bunny orchid

White bunny orchid? Looks more like a crazy screaming baby bird with a strange hat.


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  • Reply Maureen July 23, 2019 at 8:13 pm

    Great pics, especially the ones with the beads of water on them. Look forward to your Spring collection.

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    […] Plant pictures […]

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