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The Troopy

I’d been thinking about converting my landcruiser 200 series into something more useful for quite a while, ever since I was back in Fowlers bay I’d been keeping an eye out online and researching a few different options. Originally my thoughts were to go for a tray back ute with a slide on camper, but there were a few drawback to that, mainly that there was no real living space during bad weather in a slide on. So, the troopy conversion won out for my wants and needs in the end.  Continue Reading

Back in Victoria


Back in Victoria and I’ve been rather slack in not posting on the blog for well over a month. I spent about a month in the vicinity of Tingha fossicking for many different shiny rocks and I had planned to write a very long blog post explaining my fossicking experiences around the area. I have written a lot of the post, but it’s taking a long time and I haven’t organized much in the way of any photo’s for the post either, so we’re skipping it for the moment, to be finished at a later date.  Continue Reading

Phillip Island to N.S.W.

DSC_0541 (Large)

Seems I’ve hit the start of the holiday coast and towns. Phillip island really has that feel to it, and as I was to find out, so do many towns along this section of Victoria’s coast and heading up into NSW. I quite liked it in the Phillip Island region, rolling green hills and rugged coastlines interspersed with beautiful white beaches. Though I realize my liking the area possibly relates directly to the fact that it was off season, if I was there in the middle of summer I probably wouldn’t have liked it so much.  Continue Reading


DSC_0016 (Large)

I wasn’t sure what picture to put up as the Main image for this Melbourne post, none of the hundreds of photos I had taken over the past couple of weeks really jumped out at me as “the one”. I was a little upset with my city scape night shots, I’d spent all day taking photos in the botanic gardens then waited for the sun to set so I could take some night shots only to discover I’d left my tripod back in the caravan. Then after taking perhaps a dozen photos precariously balancing the camera on bollards, signs and anything I could find which was reasonably flay, my camera battery was dead. I walked a couple of kilometres back to my car to find that my spare batteries were also in the caravan rather than where they should be in the car. Continue Reading

Melbourne – Geelong Gardens

DSC_1166 (Large)

I spent 2 weeks just outside Melbourne at Werribee, this gave me plenty of time to visit Melbourne, Geelong and the surrounding areas. As part of this exploring I spent half a day in Geelong looking around the botanic gardens there, then almost a whole day at the Melbourne Royal botanic gardens. Both are well worth a visit if you’re in the area, especially the Melbourne gardens, they are enormous and I really should have perhaps allowed a couple of days to have a good look around them. Continue Reading

Great Ocean Road

DSC_0533 (Large)

So often it seems that if you have to bump up the name of something with an adjective, it’s perhaps because it’s a little bit lacking in the first place, like Mount Remarkable in South Australia, which really wasn’t that remarkable at all. I’m looking forward to Deception Bay and Disaster Bay or perhaps Disappointment Bay in Tasmania, there’s going to be no raised hopes when I get to them

I didn’t find The Great Ocean Road which I’ll refer to from now on as GOR, to be that great at all, in fact many sections of the road are pretty damn horrible. Once again I want to have a whinge about the roads I’ve been driving on in the Eastern States. Continue Reading


DSC_0421 (Large)

It was a difficult drive up into the Grampians, not just because of some poor quality roads I mentioned in the previous post, but because once you get near the national park it’s hard not to look at the scenery you drive past for about 50km through the ranges before getting to Halls Gap. The large rocky ranges extend through 413,000 acres of national park located about 250km west of Melbourne. The tallest peak is over 1100m and there’s a vast area to explore and plenty for everyone to do if you visit the area.

Continue Reading

Annya Forest camp

DSC_0173 (Large)

When we arrived in the Annya forest camp there was only one or two other people here but then ANZAC day long weekend happened. Aver 24 hours the place filled, first it was the horse people, horse floats and fifth wheelers started pulling up, unloading horses and setting up camp. Then there was the local chapter of the CMCA (Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia) with their assortment of converted coaster buses and camper vans. And of course then there’s the families and other assorted campers getting away for the long weekend, by Saturday afternoon the camp site was pretty full. Continue Reading