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More plants around Alice

This post is purely about more photos I’ve taken around Alice Springs. That’s the great thing about macro photography, you can find all sorts of possibilities within a small area, you don’t need huge spaces, just a good eye for finding interesting angles and things that look nice in the right light and the right angles. Continue Reading

Plants of Alice

As I’m spending some time in Alice Springs there’s going to be a whole lot of photographs to post up. The plant life around here is stunning, sometimes obviously beautiful, other times small and indifferent until you look closely, in the right light, at the right angle. I’ll be adding to this blog post for a while as I take more pictures.

Continue Reading

Back in Alice

After my minor car dramas in the Kimberly and a whirl wind overnight stop in Derby I arrived in Broome where the reddest dirt meets the bluest sea. And it does so quite literally, the contrast of the red against the ocean is striking. It’s not all red dirt though, Broome is blessed with some beautiful white beaches. Continue Reading


It’s estimated that about 2000 aboriginals lived in the Kakadu area before Europeans arrived, the Bininj in the north and Mungguy in the south. Divided into about 19 different clan groups who spoke 12 different languages, this is part of the oldest living culture in the world dated at well over 50,000 years old.

Think about that for a minute, let it sink in.

We have the oldest living culture found anywhere in the world here in Australia, but it’s dying out. In fact as Europeans we’ve spent much of the last 300 years trying to wipe it out. Continue Reading

Fossicking in the NT

Rainbow lattice sunstone is an amazing thing, looking closely at it, you’d swear it was man made, surely such perfect straight lines, all at the same angles, layered on top of each other couldn’t be natural. For those more technically minded, it’s a feldspar called perthite with lamellar and sagentic twinning of thin titanium iron oxide blades, much of this lattice has oxidized to display the iridescence effect.

For me it’s a pretty shiny rock, and I like pretty shiny rocks. Continue Reading

To Darwin and Beyond

Ok now heading up towards Darwin, the troopy was booked in for a service. Actually, I’m sitting here now in Darwin typing this while it’s being serviced. What a strange feeling to be in an unusual town without my car. Two days ago when I arrived I booked into a hotel, caravan parks up here are not cheap, the cheapest was $45 a night for an unpowered site right on the side of the highway out of town. So I booked into a hotel room for 3 nights, damn it I was going to get some decent nights sleep. Continue Reading

Australia’s Heart

Onto the rock.
The drive here was filled with fire, there were fires spreading for kilomtres along the road, jumping the road and in many sections the heat could easily be felt through the windows of the car, oh well, keep driving and hope for the best. Continue Reading

The Red Centre

It’s 38 degrees in the shade and I’m sitting in the Daly Waters caravan park, about 400km south of Darwin and a whole lot of kilometres north of Uluru. The blog has been down for almost a week now because I missed a “your payment didn’t work email” for my domain name. I’d wanted to update the blog almost a week ago while things were fresh in my mind, but alas, it’s still not up, so I’m typing this onto the computer in the hope that it will be back up in the next day or two, so when I get some reception again I’ll be able to post. Continue Reading