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Say g’day to Barry! Barry was just hanging around on this smooth lipped spider orchid (Caladenia integra) looking cool. I figured perhaps he was stuck, maybe on a spiders web.


But no, as I tried to get a little closer he just flipped up and flew off, possibly quite annoyed at the intrusion.


Yep, that’s not an orchid, I’m going to mix this post up a little with a few other pictures rather than just orchids.

Banksia coccinia

This next little guy is positively glowing in the early morning sun.

Caladenia drummondii





This is a magnificent fungi looks rather boring till you turn it over and see all the gills underneath.




A lovely little drossera growing in the sand. The shrunken photo on here doesn’t do it justice, here’s a closer view.




One spider orchid offering support to another…  🙂


Don’t let life tie you up in knots.

Freo sunset

There’s nothing quite like a sunset down at Fremantle.


I did mention there would be pictures other than orchids didn’t I?



A love heart?


I forgot it’s name.. lol

Ahhh, Caladenia graminifolia, grass-leafed spider orchid. Just opening up, these guys only open for a day or two before self pollinating and closing again.

Grass-leafed spider orchid

Spider orchids

No words needed..  🙂

Bird orchid

Bird orchid, possibly a Pterostylis barbata, interesting looking things.




Snail orchids

That one is a re-post I’m sure, but hey, it won me a photo comp.. 🙂




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