Ducks or aliens


These flying duck orchids are freaky things, they can look almost like aliens with their odd shapes. Insects seem to love them, check out the aphid on the stem of this one. You know how small aphids are? Now have a look for the tiny aphid nymph in the ‘crutch’ of the flower just a little higher up.


Spiders love them too, this next one looks like he’s hitching a ride on the neck of the flying duck.

While this next one seems to be preening itself, as all good ducks do.


But now onto the crazy alien side of things…..

Whats going on there? This one is fertilized, and it’s swelling ovaries are clearly visible beneath the flower.


Crazy aliens coming to get you.

This next one appears to be tethered to the ground yet trying to fly away.

As much as I like to joke about them being alien like, they do look magnificent, especially when freshly rained on.



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