orchid season 2023

Starting with a slightly biblical feel as Easter is almost upon us. Not that it means anything to me apart from the fact that I get paid a lot more to work and there are a lot more tourists in town. This selection of orchids are all from last season, 2023.

Some lutea spiders

This next one is almost completely out of focus but I love the look and feel of the image, and the colour really pops.

Caladenia plicata, Crab-lipped spider orchid

Nothing super special about this next one, just has a lovely feel to it.

C. longicaudia

And same again, just a beautiful feel to this pair of orchids.

C. longicaudia


Flying duck

A little flying duck all on it’s own in the sand.

C. longicaudia

Tangled up spider orchids.

A night on the town

This one isn’t a great picture, but it reminds me of three people on their way home from a big night out on the town.

Wheatbelt spiders

Footsies? A stand off perhaps?

Zebra orchids

A pair of zebra orchids.

King in a carriage

Another paid of orchids, king in a carriage looking rather wet.

C. longicaudia

I could probably make a whole post of nice looking pairs of orchids.


Once again, just an interesting feel to this image.

Caladenia multiclavia

The lazy spider orchid, one of my all time favourite orchids to photograph.

Lazy spider

They have flare from almost any angle.

Lazy spider

I made a bit of a study of their striped labellums, every one is different, like individual fingerprints.

Lazy spiders


Hybrid perhaps

This one has such a sad melancholy feel to him, all wet, droopy and tired.

White spiders

While these are far more uplifting with a splash of purple.



Pansy orchid

Nothing adds a splash of colour quite like a pansy orchid.

Pansy orchid

And fresh rain just makes their colour really pop.

Pansy orchid


Spider orchid

I’m not sure what spider that was, but the fringing on the labellum was impressive.

Enigmatic orchids

A nice clump of enigmatic orchids which are a cross between a white spider and a dragon orchid.


This was an unusual pose, the flower still opening.

Ex cons.

What the hell am I talking about? I used to think these were called prisoner orchids, but evidently it’s a different hybrid of some sort. And yes, this is becoming quite long, almost a whole season of orchid hunting in one post. Orchid season for 2024 is almost upon us, and I posted nothing last year.

Crazy fringe

Crazy fringing on the labellum, these are really cool, only fairly small but the variety in these hybrid crosses can be quite dramatic.


Here’s a little study I did of the variety you can find in some of these hybrids.

A collage

I might leave it there and start another post, this is getting way too long.


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