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The finished van

This post is long overdue, not only have I built the van and lived in it, but I’ve also sold it and moved on yet never made a final walk through of the van showing and explaining the features of the final product. I’m calling it a product because I always rethink what I’m calling it, is it a van or a motor home? From now on I’ll be calling it a van, so come and check it out. Continue Reading

Plants and Birds

Taking photographs is one of the ways to keep myself amused while the lock down is still on, although it’s slowly letting up with W.A. opening some of it’s internal travel restrictions. Just outside of the cottage where I’m staying there’s a birdbath that’s proving to be a great joy with a wide variety of birds visiting it through the day. Continue Reading

Corona Lock down

Obviously social distancing rules don’t apply to everyone, that’s one crowded bath. So how hard is it when your living a “van life” to suddenly be required to lock down and not go anywhere? A large part of life in a van tends to consist of using public spaces and places so to have these taken away puts you in a bit of a pickle.

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Trip Down Memory Lane

Looking through a backup drive I found hundreds of old pictures from the past 18 years of my backyard, produce I’ve grown and aquaponic systems that I’ve built, so I thought I’d put the best of them into one post so that I have a reference.  The picture above was three different varieties of beefsteak tomatoes from the “crazy tomato year”. I grew about 40 different varieties of tomatoes in the one year. Continue Reading

Life on the road musings


I’ve realized lately that in life we make our own successes and failures to a great extent. It’s also being drummed into me just how responsible we are for our own health and welfare. Now I’m not sure if I’m explaining myself very well, but, although I have the option of doing pretty much nothing at all, all day every day, I can’t help but be driven to strive forward in doing things, because that’s just part of who I am, part of my makeup. Continue Reading

Living on the road

DSC_0176 (Large)

I started this blog with the intention of helping others through talking about my experiences living permanently on the road travelling. Offering help and hints and tips to make life a little easier or less daunting for those thinking about making the change and becoming detached from the mortgage. Yet for the past few months it’s all been about walks, wildflowers, shells and nice camp spots. Perhaps it’s time to stray off that just for a minute and get back to a little about day to day life of living mobile. Continue Reading

Munda Biddi Trail

The Munda Biddi Trail is a 1000km long mountain bike track from just outside Perth Western Australia, down to Albany on the south West of W.A. Munda Biddi means ‘forest path’ in Noongar language (local indigenous people) and it’s currently the longest such bike trail in the world.

A Flat gravel section in coastal area

A Flat gravel section in coastal area

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Fishing for food

Beautiful fishing spot

Beautiful fishing spot

Part of my plan while living in the motor home was to supplement my food supplies with freshly caught fish, it’s taken me a month to get my act together and actually go fishing, but what a beautiful place it was to fish.

This is the east end of Mazzoletti’s beach and I’ve been coming to this spot to fish for probably 30 years or more with mixed results in the fishing stakes, but it’s always a pleasant place to be. Continue Reading

A month out and still going

Well it’s been a month that I’ve been living in the motor home now, and so far life’s pretty good. If you’ve followed some of my other blog posts you’ll see that I’ve been doing some bush walks, taking photos and some cooking along the way. The Denmark fair was on over the weekend, that was busy and I bought a number of edible items, spicy plum sauce, cherry jam, cherry chutney and some raw handmade granola which looks so healthy it looks a bit like the forest floor I’ve been walking on lately.



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Wynella – A Living Museum

Wynella Museum

Wynella Museum

Many years ago my parents decided to try and capture the past, disillusioned with our modern disposable society they saw the beneficial aspects of a life style based on how things were back in 1910. They wanted to try and keep some of these things alive, not only keep them alive, but also share them with others, educate people about how things were done around 1910.

So before my fathers retirement they set about creating Wynella, they bought a period house built in 1914 from a small country town, had it transported down to Denmark, then set about restoring it to it’s original condition. Continue Reading