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South Australia

Down the Murray into Victoria

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Spent a restful few days camped by the Murray river enjoying the tranquility, though this picture above is at lake Alexandrina down at the mouth of the Murray. The Murray river spot was another fantastic free camp provided by the small township of Walker Flat, just a few small clearings right on the banks of the Murray with a small toilet block near the entrance. The peacefulness of the river was only broken now and then by houseboats meandering up and down the river. Continue Reading

Down to Adelaide and beyond

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No that photo hasn’t been played with in any way, the sky was that blue and the salt lake was that orange/pink colour. I’ve been surprised at how many pink lakes there are around Australia, this is the fourth one I’ve seen without trying to find them.

I couldn’t get a replacement tire the same as mine in Port Augusta, so I bought a puncture repair kit and a can or tyre fix and figured I’d get a tyre in Adelaide in a few days. Continue Reading

Flinders Ranges

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The Flinders ranges are the largest mountains within South Australia, starting about 200km north of Adelaide and stretching over 400km northwards. I’d had a recommendation from a friend that I should visit Wilpena Pound, a section of the ranges where the hills/mountains form a huge natural amphitheater shape. Wilpena pound also contains the highest point of the Flinders, St Mary’s peak at over 1100m.  Continue Reading

The Bays

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Finally I get to move on from Fowlers bay. Driving east along the South Australian coast it’s bay after bay, Smokey Bay, Baird Bay, Venus Bay, Streaky Bay, Coffin Bay, Tumby Bay and Arno bay, and they’re just the major ones. It’s an interesting area of coast with beautiful rocky coastlines, rugged cliffs and miles of white beaches between them. Continue Reading

Cactus Beach and more Fowlers

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Cactus beach and Point Sinclair are found about 21 km south of Penong, the next small town heading east from Fowlers Bay. The surf at Cactus beach is renowned as one of the best in Australia and on the day I visited, the surf was small but well formed with a couple of surfers out making the most of it.

Continue Reading

Fowlers Bay

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The most western coastal town in South Australia, and for me at least it seems to be a little bit of a trap. I booked in for 2 nights at the caravan park when I arrived, today I went and paid for my ninth night. So I haven’t officially crossing the nullabor as yet Ceduna is still another hundred odd kilometres away and commonly considered the South Australian end of the nullabor. Continue Reading

Crossing the Nullabor

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Crossing the Nullabor is one of those “must do” experiences if you live in Australia or travel within Australia. Last time I crossed the Nullabor was back in primary school so I don’t remember much of it. This time I wanted to have a good look around and take my time. Continue Reading