A montage

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As time goes on and this blog fills with posts things get lost, they get buried in the past under the weight of all the new posts, new pictures, new projects, new travels and experiences. Here’s a random series of photographs from different posts over the last 7 or 8 years. See something interesting? Click on it, who knows what you’ll find. Continue reading “A montage”

A new camera

After many years I decided it was time for a camera update. So I caught the bus up to Perth and scored myself a brand new Nixon Z5 camera and a 105mm macro lens to suit. This is quite a step up from my old Nikon D5500 in a couple of ways, firstly it has a full frame sensor, which means that it takes clearer pictures in lower light, which is one of the main reasons I sprung the extra money to take this step up, better quality pictures. Depending on my operation of course. Continue reading “A new camera”

Not Another Troopy Post

No, not another troopy post! Well I haven’t done one in a while, and this post is long overdue. Yes I have a “thing” for troopies and this was going to be a post about converting a troopy into a camper after buying this lovely old girl you see above. Since selling my troopy poptop about a year ago I’ve had withdrawal symptoms. driving the sprinter van around is ok, but it’s a bit of a bus. Then one day while scanning online listings for troopcarriers I found the one above. One of those situations where the seller had listed almost no information and included only a couple of blurry photos.

Continue reading “Not Another Troopy Post”

The finished van

This post is long overdue, not only have I built the van and lived in it, but I’ve also sold it and moved on yet never made a final walk through of the van showing and explaining the features of the final product. I’m calling it a product because I always rethink what I’m calling it, is it a van or a motor home? From now on I’ll be calling it a van, so come and check it out. Continue reading “The finished van”

Working the harvest

I’ve just finished a couple of months working on the grain harvest in W.A. and I wanted to make a post about it because when I searched online before I started there, I couldn’t find any information about what I’d be doing. It seems that no one talks about it online, but I will. Maybe no one can be bothered, but for someone traveling it’s a great way to make some money in a fairly short period of time if you’re willing to work hard. Continue reading “Working the harvest”