Dragons with attitude

I’d never really understood why these were called Dragon orchids until I took a photo of the orchids from above. As someone pointed out to me they do look a bit like dragonflies with their wings spread, but then take a look at those cute little dragon faces.

From side on they don’t look highly exciting and most of my photographs had been from similar angles side on.


If anything I thought Caladenia barbarossa just looked a bit messy with odd knobbly bits and a mass of fur on one end, not really aesthetically pleasing, until you look from above at the right angle and their cute little faces show up.

Dragon family

What a diverse bunch. They can be hard to see with the naked eye as they are only small, however after seeing the faces for the first time in the origin picture at the top, I decided to head back to an area I knew had lots of dragon orchids to take some more pictures.


It was a round trip of almost 400km to return to the spot I knew was thick with the orchids, and in reality the photos I got are only pretty average but they are good enough for you to get the idea.

I know my eyes are cute

And I’m not sure that they are worth posting in single images rather than just collages, but hey, it was a 400km round trip, so here they are.



Crazy head


I’m the normal one




Who you calling big nose?


My best feature? My hair!


It’s all in the eyes


Crazy alien professor


I know my lips are big


Cute eyebrows


I’m the normal one


My lips are big too


I like big tusks


Old crazy hair wonky eye


I’m an alien


Hair should always have a centre part


Long eyes, long nose and slender tusks


Who me?


Sometimes I think I’m a dog


Big tusks and green eyes


I know I have a long neck.


I’m going a bit grey




But I feel normal.


No, I’m the normal one

I think you get the idea, I have something like 70 to 80 of them, though I’ve been deleting a few of the worse ones as I go.  I may add to this over time because I know that every time I find a dragon orchid I will be taking a picture of it’s face.

Dragons in their natural habitat

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