The Lazy Spider

The lazy spider orchid or Caladenia multiclavia, perhaps my favourite of all the orchids I’ve seen so far. I’m not sure why they call it lazy, I guess because of it’s reclined pose. I found lots of these in the area from Jerramungup through to Ravensthorpe, almost anywhere that there was some tree cover especially sheoaks was worth a look.

It’s not often I have a whole post for only one orchid but these have really captured me, they have different looks and feels from different angles.


And in the right light the colours can be extraordinary.

Very architectural in their form.




They grow as single plants/flowers or sometimes they grow in bunches, usually they are only fairly small perhaps only 30cm high.

But sometimes when you’re lucky you find a tall stand of them.





I’m letting the photos do the talking in this post. Not even any smart captions for the photos.





It was a pleasure spending time out in the bush on my knees and elbows trying to capture these beautiful things.



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