Orchid season 2021

What sort of crazy alien thing is this? It’s a crab lipped spider orchid (Caladenia plicata), truly one of the weirdest flower I’ve seen in a long time. This year is shaping up to be a fantastic season for orchids and I’ve already done a trip out and around Albany and up to the Stirling Ranges where I’ve found lots of orchid variety including one of the most prized finds for orchid hunters….

Queen of sheba

The Queen of Sheba orchid is the holy grail of orchids for those who hunt for orchids and I was lucky enough to find some near Albany.

Another queen

There’s a great variety of colour in a Queen of sheba orchid and I managed to find a few of them but when I went back the following day they were all closed up so I couldn’t get any more photos. Still, I should get back to the crab lipped spider.


These are just lovely from any angle, and especially when zoomed in, now there’s a face only a mother could love, or I guess the right insect.


Now as I get into the spider orchids, I’m going to leave most of their names blank because there are just to many of them, too many varieties that have only very slight differences, so unless it’s quite different or unusual it will just be a “spider”.


This next one had a strange yellow hew because of the brolly I was using to try and keep the wind away while taking pictures.


Most of these pictures came from a trip up to the Stirling Ranges, I’ve been here before a few years ago chasing flowers but this time I’m specifically looking for orchids and it hasn’t disappointed.

Dancing spider


A hairy red spider


Another hairy red spider


Reaching spider

Now I assume this next one is also a reaching spider but it’s looks fairly different. Ahhh, too hard, it’s a “spider orchid”.

Another reaching spider?


Spider on a spider


Sugar orchid

This sugar orchid doesn’t look very special but it’s tiny, I almost missed it completely while I was walking around searching because of it’s tiny size.


Normal size finger for scale. 🙂


Donkey orchid


Zebra orchid


Herd of zebra




Jug orchid from a better angle


Spiders not talking to each other

Hammer time!


Another hammer

Another nother hammer

A toolbox of hammers?


A flying duck


Fringed mantis


From above


Looking end on




Flock of albinos


Cluster of spiders


More spiders

This short video will give you a bit of an idea what the area is like for orchids.  And mosquitoes.

And I’m going to leave it there for now, it’s getting too long, part two coming soon.

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  • Reply Simon Shaw September 5, 2021 at 10:08 pm

    Wow amazing collection!

    • Reply joel September 6, 2021 at 9:57 am

      Thanks Simon, I hope to be posting up a whole lot more in the coming weeks as I track them down.

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