More orchids from the Stirlings

Yes this is a strange looking thing, exactly the same orchid as the previous posts first picture, a crab lipped spider orchid but with a genetic defect called hyperchromic or lutea, where the genes for colour are turned off and the only things showing are whites, greens and yellow. Essentially what we might call an albino. I’d found some magnificent spider orchids that had the same genetic condition, very impressive specimens and I kept going back to them over and over.


I never got tired of look at these and photographing them, and normally I never use photos on here that are portrait, I always aim for landscape, but hey, sometimes..

Lutea Stark white spider


These are what they look like normally, still a lovely orchid.

Stark white spider


I’ve now spent over two weeks in the Stirling Range National Park traipsing through the bush, or should I say carefully stepping through the bush, in fact sometimes you’re down to about 10 or 12 steps a minute because the orchids are so thick and you need to be careful of stepping on things.

A spider opening






Rattlebeak orchid


Prisoner orchid


Dragon orchid




No shortage of spiders in the Stirlings



A tangle



Wet spiders


Bird orchids


Birds from another angle


Butterfly orchid


Unknown spider maybe a hybrid


Pansy orchid


Shy spider orchid (hybrid)


Queen of sheba

The one and only flowering Queen I saw in the Stirlings, good find Tamara. I love their leaves.

Queen of sheba leaves


Candy orchids


Silky blue orchid



Leaping spider orchid




prisoner maybe


Pink hybrid?



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