A Trip North

I left Perth of a mission to drive the loop up towards Broome hugging the coastline before returning down the inland route following the wildflowers, a great trip of diversity. Beautiful ocean views, rugged coast lines and pristine beaches followed by wide open inland spaces with endless skies and carpets of colour. It was a good test for the van, over 5000km in just over a month through a wide variety of country.


Surprisingly as I’ve gone through my pictures there weren’t a lot of beach or coastal shots, as per usual, I barely took the macro lends off the camera, it was all about the flowers, and they didn’t disappoint.

Purdy blue

Although the coastal trip on the way up wasn’t so impressive, once I turned around and started the trip back, it got better and better.


I went as far as 80 mile beach which is about half way between Port Hedland and Broome before I turned around. 80 mile beach is a shell collectors paradise, mile after mile of shells piled up on the beach. Initially I didn’t think there was much variety but as I walked further along the beach away from the caravan park the pickings improved.

Geometric pattern

From here on it’s really just flower photos, dozens of flower photos, so I’ll keep the commentary to a minimum and post pictures.









More purple


And more purple


More purple again


Did I mention purple


Come on..


It’s not so funny any more


Surely I’ll run out of purple soon.


Oh come on!


Ho hum.


Now it’s just getting boring


Yeah yeah


Enough already






Only a little bit of purple there


Back to crazy purple


More pink than purple


Yes, purple.


Uh huh.. Purple.


Almost not purple, though there’s still a purple tinge to it.


Still haven’t escaped purple completely


And we’re right back into purple again


This blog post should have been “A study in purple”


I do believe there’s no purple here.


Yep, definitely no purple.


Far from purple


Carnivorous plant

And what would that look like close up?


Insect traps


Still no purple

As I headed further south the masses of annual flowers really began putting on a show.


Roadside mix


En masse white





A mix




White carpet


So thick


Ahhh more purple!


Artistic purple mass

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  • Reply Micaela September 9, 2019 at 6:16 pm

    Joel, I love reading your blogs! Couldn’t stop laughing about your purple story 😂.
    Looking forward to reading some more of your adventures!

    • Reply joel September 13, 2019 at 11:02 am

      Thanks Micaela, Yeah, crazy purple it really was unusual the percentage of purple versus any other colour….

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