The finished van

This post is long overdue, not only have I built the van and lived in it, but I’ve also sold it and moved on yet never made a final walk through of the van showing and explaining the features of the final product. I’m calling it a product because I always rethink what I’m calling it, is it a van or a motor home? From now on I’ll be calling it a van, so come and check it out. Continue Reading

A montage

DSC_0552 (Large)
DSC_0081 (Large)
DSC_0424 (Large)
DSC_0760 (Large)
DSC_0477 (Large)

As time goes on and this blog fills with posts things get lost, they get buried in the past under the weight of all the new posts, new pictures, new projects, new travels and experiences. Here’s a random series of photographs from different posts over the last 7 or 8 years. See something interesting? Click on it, who knows what you’ll find. Continue Reading

Working the harvest

I’ve just finished a couple of months working on the grain harvest in W.A. and I wanted to make a post about it because when I searched online before I started there, I couldn’t find any information about what I’d be doing. It seems that no one talks about it online, but I will. Maybe no one can be bothered, but for someone traveling it’s a great way to make some money in a fairly short period of time if you’re willing to work hard. Continue Reading

Playing with light and water

This is a post filled with pictures just messing around with some Drossera plants. It started as a wet day, but then I added to things by using a squirty bottle to add extra water to the plants and the results were really interesting. Little upside down images of sky, the red dirt road and bush in each water droplet.

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Sun orchids

There aren’t many orchids around the Ravensthorpe/Esperance area though there are a lot of Sun orchids. I spent 2 days in Helm’s arboretum and saw many thousands of blue sun orchids, now according to the orchid book there are only 9 different species of blue sun orchids in W.A.  and perhaps only 2 species which could possibly be where I was, but the variety I found in both colour and form across the arboretum was stunning.

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A break from orchids

As the orchids have petered out traveling further east I’ve started looking at other plants and flowers. This image above may look like a boring little everlasting type flower but it’s when you look closer at numerous individual flowers and think about them, study them, that it starts to get interesting. This flower is like a little multi rocket launcher, rocket tubes opening up from the centre and the individual flowers begin to unfurl twisting their way up out of their launch tubes.

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Send in the clowns

Starting to get towards the end of my orchid adventures for 2021. As I’ve moved further east the orchids have been thinning out and they are getting harder to find in these lower rainfall areas. I still have quite a few photos from the last week or two to post though here I’m going to concentrate on clowns, Caladenia roei. Continue Reading

Orchids and others

The orchid hunting continues as I travel east along the southern region of the state though heading into the area around Fitzgerald River national park, it’s hard not to photograph the stunning array of other plants.

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The Lazy Spider

The lazy spider orchid or Caladenia multiclavia, perhaps my favourite of all the orchids I’ve seen so far. I’m not sure why they call it lazy, I guess because of it’s reclined pose. I found lots of these in the area from Jerramungup through to Ravensthorpe, almost anywhere that there was some tree cover especially sheoaks was worth a look.

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Dragons with attitude

I’d never really understood why these were called Dragon orchids until I took a photo of the orchids from above. As someone pointed out to me they do look a bit like dragonflies with their wings spread, but then take a look at those cute little dragon faces. Continue Reading