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The troopy was booked in to have a suspension upgrade at the end of January so I either had six weeks sitting around Ballarat over the Christmas new year period, or I could get my act together and do a road trip. I’d also been getting some serious hints from the local possums where I was staying at the caravan park.

Thanks possum

Oh yeah, that’s dark brown wee all over the drivers door and window. Nowhere else, just the door and window, I took this as a sign from the possums that I should be getting out of town. And my message to them would be that they need to drink more water.

So, pack the troopy and off I go, though I haven’t been far as yet, I’m writing this in a hotel room at Ceduna in South Australia. Firstly I drove to Adelaide and spent many hours wandering the lovely botanic gardens before heading up to Port Augusta. I spent the night camped outside Port Augusta in a terribly exposed campsite. The wind was howling and it was the first time I’ve slept downstairs because of weather.

Painted silo

Came across some painted silos on my way as well, I like these things , very impressive works of art on such an enormous scale, and what a great way to draw in some people to your quiet little town. It certainly makes people stop for a look, a photo and a read about the artwork.

More silos

One day I’d like to spend some time researching where they all are, and do a “silo trip”. Anyway I believe I was getting to the point about where I am, and why I’m here. In a word, Heat..!

I left Port Augusta running from the heat before it was due to hit 46 degrees.


On the left you see the forecast for Port Augusta, 42 then 46 on Monday. Luckily I escaped to Ceduna where it was only 43 then 41. Yesterday (Sunday) was a scorcher and cloudy most of the day, on the right you can see that at 11.30 last night it was still 31.6 according to them. The thermometer in the troopy said it was over 35 degrees at 11.30 last night.

Today is a shocker, supposed to be 41 and I’d believe it’s about that now in the early afternoon of Monday. This morning it rained yet was hot, now it’s overcast, there’s a scorching hot wind blowing which takes your breath away and an intense heat despite the cloud cover.


Looking forward to getting underway again tomorrow though I’m only going 150km to get to Fowlers bay.

Big galah

A couple of years back I spent many weeks in Fowlers bay trying to catch some Mulloway. I made some good friends as well as many great memories while I was there and I’m looking forward to revisiting. I hope old Pom is still alive and fishing, will be great to spend some more hours fishing off the jetty with the grumpy old bugger. :o)

Consider the lilly


Bloody vandals


Flower or sea urchin











Less talk more photos, not much to talk about when you’re stuck in a hotel room, three days travel, then three days in a hotel.





More ouch


Tough lily

Unusual photo for my day at the botanic gardens goes to the odd couple I saw a few times wandering the gardens. They were wandering around with her parents, at one stage I heard him telling a story to her parents about a friend doing “such rank farts, so horrible, but then the friend asked, does anyone smell pizza?  So everyone started to sniff, then went eeerrr yuck that’s such a gross stink.”

Quality stuff.

At that stage I figured they were perhaps all just family, till I saw then walking later in a different part of the park where she reached out for his hand, they wandered holding hands and embraced when the parents weren’t close.



Odd couple

She was young and quite stunning, while he was old, hairy, overweight, scruffy and walked with a stick. I guess it goes to show that it takes all sorts and you should never judge people.

There’s hope for me yet. lol

Ok, edit..   Just having a beer after finishing the post but…  What sort of crazy beer can shenanigans are these?


Maybe a couple more pictures while I’m here.





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