A month out and still going

Well it’s been a month that I’ve been living in the motor home now, and so far life’s pretty good. If you’ve followed some of my other blog posts you’ll see that I’ve been doing some bush walks, taking photos and some cooking along the way. The Denmark fair was on over the weekend, that was busy and I bought a number of edible items, spicy plum sauce, cherry jam, cherry chutney and some raw handmade granola which looks so healthy it looks a bit like the forest floor I’ve been walking on lately.



Life’s pretty reasonable so long as……   Of course there had to be a condition. So long as you have access to a toilet and some power for when you want to wash your clothes or turn on the dish washer, and on days like today I might need the power to turn on the air conditioner as it’s warming up.

Planning for normal day to day activities takes a little more thought when you’re living in a motor home, the simple things like cooking and washing clothes. Because I can only do these things when hooked into the power you need to plan. I don’t want to use the dishwasher every day, so the dishwasher gets stacked over a few days and because I have limited numbers of utensils like baking trays, fry pans, and pots, you either have to hand wash these items, or you just plan and use whatever you have clean at the time. The dish washer is fairly empty at the moment, but after a busy day of cooking yesterday there’s only one clean pot left, so I’ll either plan well for todays food preparation in using only one pot, or I’ll have to hand wash something but I’m not washing only half a load in the dish washer, it can wait another day or two.

Ants have been an ongoing concern, the little buggers have been getting up into the bus for a couple of weeks now and I really need to sort out where they are getting up. Early on I found half a dozen different places they could get in, a rubbish bin leaning against the side of the bus, a bush pole strapped to the side of the bus with my phone aerial on top, the power cord, the grey water pipe, and the satellite tv cable. I’ve moved some things and I’ve tried three different insect surface sprays on all the remaining places to try and stop them, but they are still getting up. They are incredibly sneaky, the type of ant I’m getting inside only really seems to be active at night. They’re nocturnal and they like to climb, when I find them inside the bus they are walking on the roof or around the tops of cupboards or the top edge of the bookshelf, they are never down low and there are never masses of them, I’ll squash 5 or 10 of them then wait half an hour before doing another search around inside the bus for them, squashing another 5 or 10. This can happen 8-10 times an evening. Next thing will be to try and check the wheels of the bus thoroughly perhaps I need to get some ant dust right around the wheels. I’m sure this is going to be an ongoing problem in different places that I travel and I’m surprised I haven’t read about it more.

Still life’s pretty good down here in the bush, time to take the poor old dog for his walk, he loves going for a walk without the need for a lead, not at all like back in the city.



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