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Plants around Denmark

Time to post some more plant pictures, I’ve been taking a few since finishing my Bibbulmun walk and finally I’ve spent a couple of days sorting through them all. This picture above was strange, it looks like the flower is floating in blackness, but as with all the pictures I take it, was during the day and the photo hasn’t been edited. Continue Reading

Back to Western Australia

The troopy was booked in to have a suspension upgrade at the end of January so I either had six weeks sitting around Ballarat over the Christmas new year period, or I could get my act together and do a road trip. I’d also been getting some serious hints from the local possums where I was staying at the caravan park.

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More plants around Alice

This post is purely about more photos I’ve taken around Alice Springs. That’s the great thing about macro photography, you can find all sorts of possibilities within a small area, you don’t need huge spaces, just a good eye for finding interesting angles and things that look nice in the right light and the right angles. Continue Reading

Plants of Alice

As I’m spending some time in Alice Springs there’s going to be a whole lot of photographs to post up. The plant life around here is stunning, sometimes obviously beautiful, other times small and indifferent until you look closely, in the right light, at the right angle. I’ll be adding to this blog post for a while as I take more pictures.

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Back in Alice

After my minor car dramas in the Kimberly and a whirl wind overnight stop in Derby I arrived in Broome where the reddest dirt meets the bluest sea. And it does so quite literally, the contrast of the red against the ocean is striking. It’s not all red dirt though, Broome is blessed with some beautiful white beaches. Continue Reading


DSC_0048 (Large)

Northcliffe is a small town in the south west of W.A. near Pemberton. The population of Northcliffe is officially less than 500 people and it’s known for it’s farming as well as forestry and more recently in February of 2015 it became better known after one of Western Australia’s worst bush fires ravaged the area. Continue Reading

Wyalkatchem to Kondinin

DSC_08841 (Large)Pea flowers are found through out Western Australia and in a vast array of sizes and colours with some of the more common colours being red, yellow and orange and mixes of these. I’ve neglected them a little with my photographs, well there are two things I’ve neglected, pea flowers and acacias or wattles.  Continue Reading

Kalbarri plants

DSC_0521 (Large)Kalbarri is a coastal town about 600km north of Perth at the mouth of the Murchison river, it’s predominantly a holiday town and the population swells almost ten fold during holiday seasons. It’s also well known for it’s stunning cliffs and gorges within the Kalbarri national park as well as an incredible range of plant life found within the park and surrounding bush areas.  Continue Reading

The Pinnacles

DSC_0213 (Large)

The pinnacles are limestone formations found in the Nambung national park about 14km south of the town of Cervantes about 200km north of Perth. I’d highly recommend Cervantes as a base to stay if your coming up this way to see wildflowers and/or the pinnacles, I’ve been here for 5 days now and it’s very laid back, a little windy perhaps but beautiful weather. Continue Reading

Lesueur National Park

DSC_01721 (Large)Lesueur national park is around 200km north of Perth in Western Australia and is internationally known as a biodiversity hot spot. Within the park there are over 900 species of plants, that’s around 10 percent of all plant species within W.A. in the one national park. Now I’d read all about this and one of my wildflower books recommended it as a “must see” place in spring time, so I headed up there arriving just after dawn.  Continue Reading