Photo collection

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A selection of photos I’ve taken over the past few¬†weeks. All photos are untouched straight off the camera (click on them for larger images).

Waychinicup national park

DSC_0282 (Large)

Looking out to sea

DSC_0280 (Large)

Looking inland

DSC_0276 (Large)

The shallows

DSC_0286 (Large)

And there are fish


A stormy day at Ocean Beach

DSC_0298 (Large)

The surf club

DSC_0326 (Large)

Water over the bar

DSC_0358 (Large)

Washing machine

DSC_0458 (Large)

Worlds deadliest hobby

Forest Fungi

DSC_0023 (Large)


DSC_0903 (Large)

A fairy castle

Pretty in purple

Pretty in purple

Small browns

Small browns


Random stuff

Froth on water

Froth on water

Crazy nuts

Crazy nuts


DSC_0041 (Large)




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