A new camera

After many years I decided it was time for a camera update. So I caught the bus up to Perth and scored myself a brand new Nixon Z5 camera and a 105mm macro lens to suit. This is quite a step up from my old Nikon D5500 in a couple of ways, firstly it has a full frame sensor, which means that it takes clearer pictures in lower light, which is one of the main reasons I sprung the extra money to take this step up, better quality pictures. Depending on my operation of course.

Green flowers

The other big step up with this camera is that it’s mirrorless, which may not mean much to most people, but your standard DSLR camera has a mirror which reflects the image from the lens, up to the little viewfinder you look through with your eye. Then when the picture is taken, the mirror flips up out of the way exposing the sensor, before dropping back down again.

Pretty nut

Now what this means is that with a standard DSLR what you see through the viewfinder can often be very different to the picture you take because settings you make within the camera for exposure and contrast can’t be seen until after the picture is taken. With a Mirrorless camera, you are looking at a small screen that shows an exact representation of what the image should be, so theoretically, you have less chance of nasty surprises when you go through the photos.

Out of focus

Though no one is perfect, this photo above is way out of focus, nothing at all in focus, yet somehow it works with it’s lovely soft pinks. And the colours are so vivid.


Such a beautiful grevillea whether in focus or not. Here’s another vividly coloured grevillea.


Some of these are tiny, here’s a photo with part of my thumb so you can get an idea of how small it is.


That little bunch of flowers is smaller than my thumbnail. Still there are even smaller flowers on mass with the banksia flowers, hundreds of flowers all crammed in together.


In it’s myriad of forms.






These photos were all taken at Kings Park in Perth, it’s always good to find some gems to photograph any time of year, check out this blue kangaroo paw.

Blue kangaroo paw

And a crazy palm flower, did you know palms are related to grass?

Palm flower

Ready for vivid colour again. such a pretty grevillea and so bright, just opening up it’s fur lined flowers.


From vivid to just a blush of pink.


Then it was back south again to some old friends in the area I knew. I’ll be making a post of new orchids shortly, but here are a few.

Leafless orchid

A closer look at the colourful leafless orchid in the morning dew.

Leafless orchid

And now a drove of hare orchids from a couple of angles. Yes I looked that up.

Hare orchid

It’s a pretty good day when you find this many in a group, and they were so lucky to survive, a mower had been through and slashed the sides of the path, lucky these guys were small, only a couple of the taller ones were lopped off.

Hare orchids




Drossera on a leafless orchid






A fluffle of bunnies




A moss scape

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