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Bibbulmun Part 1

Albany to William Bay. I should perhaps begin with the basics. I’m setting off to walk the Bibbulmun track, a 1000 km walk trail in Western Australia from Albany to Kalamunda near Perth. The next few blog posts are going to document this walk over 50 odd days.

Day one. I left Albany at about 9am and headed out of town. Met a lady from Europe who was on her last leg of an end to end hike. She was finishing her E2E (end to end) and looked very calm and contented sitting watching over the bay at Albany. I hope I’m that happy at the end of my journey. The next section out of town was quite boring, a redirection due to the fires we’d had here recently meant that instead of walking a lovely trail through the bush I had a trek of 6 or 8 kms along roads to the Albany wind farm.

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Planning gets serious

Fungi are still prolific around the south west and I see them everywhere while I’m out walking. I love taking their pictures though it’s not a pretty sight, me with my backpack on and walking poles flailing around as I try to get down low on the ground trying to take pictures, then getting back up again with 15 kg on my back?  Yeah, not pretty. I’m still weighing up possibilities as to what I’ll do in the coming months. My original plan was to ride the Munda Biddi mountain bike trail from Albany to Perth, then walk back down the Bibbulman track to Albany, total distances of about 1000 km up and then 1000 km down.

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Being mobile

I have plans in the near future to do some long term hiking and I’d like to make some blog posts while I’m hiking, so this is a test to see how feasible it is taking photographs and posting using only my phone.

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The Kimberly

So many pictures to choose from and this hardly epitomizes the Kimberly but I’m finding it hard to pick a photo which sums up the Kimberly for me so far, or perhaps my quality control standards and just a bit too high and I’m finding fault with some aspect of most pictures. Up here the sun is harsh and photos tend to be washed out with stark contrasts between light and dark. Everything’s harsh up here, the light, the weather and the landscapes.  Harsh but beautiful. Continue Reading

Crossing the Nullabor

DSC_0697-1 (Large)

Crossing the Nullabor is one of those “must do” experiences if you live in Australia or travel within Australia. Last time I crossed the Nullabor was back in primary school so I don’t remember much of it. This time I wanted to have a good look around and take my time. Continue Reading

Ledge Point – Lancelin

DSC_0158 (Large)

Ledge point is a little over an hour north of Perth, a small community built around the cray fishing industry. Now a days most of the commercial cray fishing in the region happens out of Lancelin which is only about 14km north of Ledge Point, while ‘Ledge’ is more of a recreational holiday town. Continue Reading

Point Peron – Rockingham

DSC_1152 (Large)

The foreshore at Rockingham just south of Perth is extremely diverse. The areas mix of limestone cliffs and reefs interspersed with beautiful white beaches makes it a magnet for snorkeling, scuba diving and many other recreation activities.  Continue Reading

An obsession?

DSC_0076 (Large)

It all started a while back when I visited boat harbour near Denamark, I noticed a few small interesting shells at one end of the beach and when I looked a little closer, there was an area at the end of the beach on the low flat rocks where shell grit was collecting. There were many broken bits of shell and corals, rocks and other rubbish in among it, but once you sort through the grit and get out the whole shells and interesting bits, you can be left with something quite beautiful. Continue Reading


DSC_0048 (Large)

Northcliffe is a small town in the south west of W.A. near Pemberton. The population of Northcliffe is officially less than 500 people and it’s known for it’s farming as well as forestry and more recently in February of 2015 it became better known after one of Western Australia’s worst bush fires ravaged the area. Continue Reading

Stirling Ranges


The Stirling ranges were the next hot spot on my list for wildflowers. Unfortunately the Stirling Ranges are only about 150km from the Fitzgerald river so there are a lot of the same plants in both areas, but the Stirlings have a third dimension which makes all the difference, height. The tallest peak in the park is Bluff Knoll and at 1099m high it’s the second highest mountain in W.A. and the only place that has regular snow in Western Australia. Continue Reading