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Onto the rock.
The drive here was filled with fire, there were fires spreading for kilomtres along the road, jumping the road and in many sections the heat could easily be felt through the windows of the car, oh well, keep driving and hope for the best. Continue Reading

Way north

I’ve done some driving in the last week or two, I’m sitting at Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory and it’s about 36 in the shade. Strange to think that only a couple of weeks back I was suffering from the cold back in Tingha, in fact I still have the little fan heater out in the back of the troopy, figure I could pack it away now as nights rarely get to 10 or less. The picture above was somewhere in Northern Queensland just before dawn, the sky was the bluest blue I’ve seen in a long time. Continue Reading


DSC_0429 (Large)

I’m not going to say a lot in this post about Esperance, I was only there for a few days, some of that time I spent preparing for my trip across the nullabor and the rest of the time I was driving around taking photos. Although Esperance has magnificent beaches, the thing that impressed me most during my stay was Helms arboretum, about 15kms north of Esperance.

Continue Reading

Drive through Mullewa

DSC_0430 (Large)Mullewa is about 100km inland from Geraldton and right on the boundary of the wheatbelt and the expansive rangelands. You’ll notice as you leave Mullewa heading north or east there are road signs about road conditions, now you’re heading out into the real outback. I drove from Geraldton in a loop passing by the Mumbida wind farm, dropping in at the Ellendale pools, passing through the Coalseam conservation park then up through Mullewa before returning to Geraldton. Continue Reading

Celebration of new reading glasses

DSC_0966 (Large)Yep, finally time for me to buy proper reading glasses, cheap supermarket ones just weren’t cutting it any more. The same day I picked up my new reading glasses I had also collected a couple of litres of shell grit earlier from Parry beach. That night I sat down with a few bowls, put on some music and picked through the shell grit looking for whole shells and this was the result. Continue Reading

More around Walpole

DSC_0847 (Large)1

The next stop was to climb Mount Frankland, the mountain is the crowning glory of the southwest forest corner and you can see for many miles from the summit. The climb to the granite capped summit is a good walk, it’s only about 600m from the car park to the top, but it’s also  about 200-300m upwards. Continue Reading

In and around Walpole Part 2

DSC_0761 ()

I headed to Mandelay beach just west of Walpole. In 1911 a ship was wrecked here and the survivors were left on the beach for many days. This area was very remote back in those days and it was pure chance that one of the crew members set out and managed to find a settler not too far away. Continue Reading

In and around Walpole part 1

After the treetop walk I visited Walpole calling in at the visitor centre before doing a few different walks and drives in the area. First walk was directly behind the visitor centre, a 2km walk around over a swamp and then through some forest.  Continue Reading

Photo collection

DSC_00921 (Large)

A selection of photos I’ve taken over the past few weeks. All photos are untouched straight off the camera (click on them for larger images). Continue Reading

Fishing for food

Beautiful fishing spot

Beautiful fishing spot

Part of my plan while living in the motor home was to supplement my food supplies with freshly caught fish, it’s taken me a month to get my act together and actually go fishing, but what a beautiful place it was to fish.

This is the east end of Mazzoletti’s beach and I’ve been coming to this spot to fish for probably 30 years or more with mixed results in the fishing stakes, but it’s always a pleasant place to be. Continue Reading