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Kings Park & Wireless Hill Part 2

DSC_0035 (Large)

If you missed part one of Wireless Hill or Kings Park, please use these links to view them first. When you’re on a good thing it often takes more than one trip to see everything and get all the photos you want and I went back to kings park and wireless hill to explore more and take some more pictures. I managed to find 3 different spider orchids and about 8 orchids all up at wireless hill but I’m not going to try and identify them all, my book has about 150 different spider orchids alone and many look very similar. Continue Reading

Time to move on

Sundew small 06 (Large)The photography opportunities down here in Denmark are surprisingly great considering it’s been winter and the weather’s been rather wet and miserable.  This picture above shows a local Drosera plant which has captured an insect, then the over night rains have created an interesting bubble of water around the captured insect.   Continue Reading

Macro plants around Denmark

DSC_01781 (Large)

Plants can be both beautiful and also kind of ugly, but there’s some beauty in even the most ugly ones if you look closely enough. This was an experiment in macro plant photography around Denmark including some great carnivorous plants. Continue Reading

Celebration of new reading glasses

DSC_0966 (Large)Yep, finally time for me to buy proper reading glasses, cheap supermarket ones just weren’t cutting it any more. The same day I picked up my new reading glasses I had also collected a couple of litres of shell grit earlier from Parry beach. That night I sat down with a few bowls, put on some music and picked through the shell grit looking for whole shells and this was the result. Continue Reading

Little River Walk Denmark

Driving there

A 5km walk along the Wilson Inlet at Denmark, wandering through everything from swamp, to tall Karri forest.  This was a beautiful winters day when the rain held off for most of the day and I got some nice photos. Continue Reading

Photo collection

DSC_00921 (Large)

A selection of photos I’ve taken over the past few weeks. All photos are untouched straight off the camera (click on them for larger images). Continue Reading

A Walk in the Bush

Blue Flower

Blue Flower

The forest down here in Denmark is diverse and exceptional. Here are some photos I took during a couple of walks through the bush. Continue Reading