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If you’re going to spend some time on the road travelling and enjoying yourself, to make things more homely and enjoyable it’s nice to have a few of the basic comforts you get used to in your day to day life in your house. Part of this is entertainment. Ok, your majority of entertainment comes from the places you visit and the people you meet along the way, but when it’s a cold and rainy night and your stuck inside your mobile home it’s a luxury being able to put on some of your favourite music or kick back, and watch a movie. It’s also nice to keep up with news and current events or perhaps keep up with your favourite tv shows.

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Great little 12 volt Teac tv.

I chose a tv that had an external transformer power supply, this meant that I could cut off the plug and hook in directly to my 12V supply rather than needing the inverter. Luckily for me the one tv in the shop that could run in 12V also happened to be the perfect fit in the area I’d allowed for it behind the passenger seat. This same Teac tv also had an inbuilt DVD player and it could accept hard drives and thumb drives, with capabilities to play a multitude of media files.  Perfect, no need for any other external players of any sort.

Music is also important and I decided on installing an Alpine head unit in the bus. I’d read some reasonable reviews of this particular model and the main aspect that attracted me was that it had no CD or DVD player. You had radio or a variety of inputs, SD card, USB, Auxilliary. My music collection was all electronic, I’d ditched most of the CD’s a long time ago and any new music I did buy on CD, I quickly converted into mp3 and added them to the collection. So much easier when travelling to have all your music on a thumbdrive/usb stick rather carrying a stack of cds.

Alpine stereo unit that doesn't play CD's

Alpine stereo unit that doesn’t play CD’s

The deck was easy enough to install, standard single din, take out the original ‘old school’ radio and connect the new one, a fairly straight forward process when following the wiring diagram.

One aspect I found disappointing was that  I couldn’t connect an auxiliary input without buy an add on for the unit.  I had planned on plugging the tv into the stereo to improve movie watching, but decided I wouldn’t support Alpine any further. Bloody ridiculous to think you need a special plug in on the rear of your stereo just for an extra input, shame on you Alpine.

The speakers mounted over head.

The speakers mounted over head.

Simple pair of split speakers mounted into the head board directly above the front seats. These were installed here because the previous owner had already installed cheap rubbish speakers in this location. Perfect spot really, up out of the way, spreads sound backwards through the bus when your camped up somewhere. As these new Alpine speakers were splits ( separate tweeters) I had to cut the small tweeter holes with a hole saw. The main speakers were the same size as the previous ones, I’m glad they make standard speaker sizes.

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